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Since its establishment in 2018, Sahara Motors FZE has swiftly emerged as a prominent and trusted name in the global automotive industry. Situated in the prestigious Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ), Dubai, UAE, as an affiliate of Sahara Motors Dubai, we have streamlined the process of purchasing brand new vehicles in the UAE.
Our extensive inventory encompasses a wide range of luxury SUVs, sedans, wagons, pickups, vans, trucks, and specialized transportation equipment such as ambulances, light- and heavy-duty trucks, and machinery.
You can conveniently explore our comprehensive online inventory or reach out to us to discuss your next vehicle acquisition.
At Sahara Motors FZE, our driving mission is to become the most trusted source for car exports in the UAE. To fulfill this commitment, we offer a diverse range of brand new cars, catering to both cost-conscious customers and those seeking premium luxury.
We prioritize timely delivery and responsive service to meet customer demands. With our dedication to quality and competitive pricing, we ensure our clients receive the utmost value. Through our partnerships with leading brands, we consistently provide tailored solutions that align with your transportation requirements.

Sahara Motors FZE - Your Dream Cars Store!

Discover the ideal new car that will travel with you on all of your upcoming adventures by reading on to learn more about the New Cars we have available at Sahara Motors FZE.


 Discover an extensive selection of stunning SUVs at SAHARA MOTORS FZE.

Our inventory boasts an impressive range of models, including the iconic LAND CRUISER 300 series, the versatile Prado, the rugged Fortuner, the sophisticated Highlander, the premium Lexus lineup, the adventurous RAV4, the agile Rush, the robust 4Runner, and the stylish Urban Cruiser. Additionally, we offer the renowned Audi Q-series for those seeking luxury and performance. Explore our wide variety of SUVs and find the perfect fit for you.


 Our diverse HYBRID cars inventory includes top models such as the Sequoia, Tundra, Highlander, Camry, Crown, Sienna, and the luxurious Lexus series. Additionally, we offer electric vehicles, including the innovative Volkswagen ID6. Explore our wide variety of hybrid and electric cars, each combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance and environmental consciousness. Find the perfect vehicle that aligns with your needs and contributes to a sustainable future.


 At Sahara Motors FZE, Our extensive lineup includes iconic models such as the Land Cruiser 79 series, the robust Toyota Tundra, the versatile Tacoma, the reliable Toyota Hilux series, the acclaimed Ford F150, and the dependable Mitsubishi pickups. With our diverse range of pickup cars, you can find the perfect blend of style, performance, and utility to suit your specific requirements. Explore our collection and discover the ideal pickup that exemplifies durability and meets your expectations.


 We take great pride in offering a wide variety of stunning sedan cars that are sure to impress. Our diverse inventory includes popular models such as the Corolla, Swift, Camry, Yaris, and the luxurious Lexus lineup. Each sedan combines style, performance, and comfort to deliver an exceptional driving experience. Whether you seek reliability, efficiency, or sophistication, our collection of sedan cars caters to various preferences and needs. Explore our inventory and find the perfect sedan that matches your discerning taste and elevates your driving experience.

 What Makes Us Trustworthy?

 At our company in the automobile industry, we specialize in new car exports, and our reputation is built on trust and customer satisfaction.
With a firm commitment to establishing long-term business relationships, we prioritize respect, transparency, and personalized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.
Our success is not solely measured by financial gains but also by the satisfaction of our valued clients. When you choose us, you can be confident in our dedication to delivering exceptional service and meeting your specific needs.

Sahara Motors FZE - Your Dream Cars Store!

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